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Justice Tourism

Tourism is a very effective development vehicle. Its revenues rolled directly into local industries, creating a distributor effect of wealth hard to match by other economic sectors. Every time we visit a destination, we eat in a restaurant, we buy souvenirs and we sleep in a hotel, we are creating wealth and jobs there which we passed.

In Latin America this phenomenon is, is if possible, more important, because it is one of the destinations with the greatest natural and cultural wealth, but also one of the regions with the highest poverty rate.

Therefore, in CartadeViajes we have created the Responsible Tourism project with the aim of increase sustainability and promote community development through tourism.

The Waslala Project:

In CartadeViajes we have joined the Waslala Project, a program for the development of the municipality of Waslala, in Nicaragua.

Area of action:

With a population of 1389 families, mainly dedicated to agriculture and livestock, the region has few educational and health services, lack of basic supplies, sanitation, drinking water, food and bad roads insecurity, among other problems.

Action strategy:

Waslala intervention is focused on developing each of the following lines of action.

• Food and nutrition security

Ensure families access and consumption of food in quantity and quality. Promoting agricultural diversification strategies to reduce human poverty of households.

• Enter and remain in the education system

Work on the integration of children in the education system and reduce the dropout rate in elementary education.

• Boosting the family economy

Commissioning of new production systems and training to ensure stability and economic autonomy.

• Comprehensive management of natural resources

Reduce the progressive deterioration of natural resources, at community and local level to achieve comprehensive land management.

• Territorial and municipal governance

Involving the private, public, families and community representatives in promoting changes in the town, according to common priorities that generate social change and encourage the right to a dignified and full life.

• Expansion and improvement of communication channels

Expand roads and improve access to communities.

Details of the project:
Country: Nicaragua
Position in the human development index: 132 of 187 countries
Development area: Municipality of Waslala, North Atlantic Autonomous Region
Population: 7069 people
Number of beneficiaries: 3449 people
Infant mortality rate: 3%
Population without access to drinking water: 85%
Population without access to sanitation: 90%
Mapa Proyecto Waslala Nicaragua
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